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Big Band, Swing & Nightclub Dancing


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This package is ideal for the absolute beginner or those who know a few dances and would like to get an overview of other popular dances included in the course.

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"Big Band, Swing & Nightclub Dancing"


Get a taste of the fun recreational activity that is sweeping the Country... Swing Dancing!  

Feel the thrill of dancing to the greatest American rhythms of all times.  It's easy. We'll show you how!

A complete beginner's home study course in seven of today's most popular and requested American Style Dances.



East Coast Swing

  1. Basic Triple Step

  2. Arch & Loop Turns

  3. Man's Back Pass

West Coast Swing

  1. Sugar Push

  2. Right Side Loop Pass

  3. Left Side Pass

Retro Swing

  1. Basic Single Step

  2. Arch & Loop Turns

  3. Man's Back Pass


  1. Forward & Back Basic

  2. Promenade Walk

  3. Left Rock Turn

Disco/ Hustle

  1. Basic Step

  2. Arch & Loop Turns

  3. Man's Back Pass

  4. Cuddle


  1. Box Step

  2. Lady's Underarm Turn

  3. Hesitation Left Turn

Slow Nightclub

  1. Basic Left Rock Turn

  2. Promenade Walk

  3. Lunge




7 Popular Dances in One Easy to Follow DVD

See the difference between dances like East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing. Learn the dances you like the best, or learn them all. It's easy. Our Interrelated System allows you to transfer steps from one dance to another.



Practice Music CD

No need to guess what rhythm goes with each dance and no searching around for the right music. Both courses include a CD with two perfect-tempo songs for each of the dances covered in the course.



Quick Reference Cards

Jump-start your memory with these handy and easy to carry Cue Cards. They are a quick reminder of the step patterns, basic rhythm and character of each dance.


  It Don't Mean A Thing, 

If You Ain't Got That Swing!


You will discover that unlike most studies where you have to wait until you master a skill to enjoy it, you will have a ball as soon as you turn this tape on. The process of learning to dance is as much a part of the fun as the finished product of becoming a good dancer.


Course Includes:

  • Instructional DVD on 7 Popular Dances

  • Practice Music CD with 14 Songs

  • Set of Quick Reference Cards

Approximate Running Time 2 Hours

Complete Package $49




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