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BRONZE STANDARD (Basic/Intermediate)


Section 1

  1.  Quarter Turns Right and Left

  2.  Progressive Chasse, Natural Turn

  3.  Forward Lock, Natural Turn

  4.  Natural Spin Turn

  5.  Quarter Turn Left, Reverse Chasse


Section 2

  6.  Natural Turn and Hesitation

  7.  Chasse To Right and Running Finish

  8.  Back Lock to Running Finish

  9.  Tipple Chasse to Right

10.  Charleston


Section 3

11.  Natural Turn, Back Lock, Running Finish

12.  Quick Open Reverse

13.  Four Quick Run

14.  Fish Tail

15.  V-6



Approximate Running Time 2 Hours

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 "- like having a date every time we go out dancing."

Rob: "I always wanted to dance but I didn't think I could. Dancing doesn't come naturally to me, but using the Librero's system, it has really been easy. Now instead of dreading going out on the dance floor, I really look forward to it. I am confident going out there - which I never was before."

Debra: "I was surprised when he agreed to try to learn to dance. It's been a lot of fun and now we have a hobby that we can do together - like having a date every time we go out dancing."

Rob and Debra Kraemer             



Dear Blanche & Emilio,


I have received and studied several of your new videos.


As expected, they are superb.


Thanks from a very satisfied customer.


Darryl Robertson



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